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Read more about Sannsibble, the author of the book At The Crack Of Dawn.
At the Crack of Dawn is about overcoming obstacles and how to to work together as a team!
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Excerpts 1- Page 7 CHAPTER 1 
We were ordinary citizens from all walks of life. Our motto and creed was “People at work laying the foundations for a lasting peace.” Our activities were often low-keyed. The majority of our chapter members were seniors who were eager and willing to transfer their knowledge by volunteering to do chapter work, and by sharing their experiences with our members and our community. In 1991, I was elected president of our Greater Miami chapter. At that time, I knew very little about the organization, but as a lifelong volunteer, I willingly accepted the role. Community leadership and volunteer work was not new to me. From my youthful days I had served as president of our 4-H Club, served in Young Christian Leadership groups, provided leadership in debating clubs, public speaking groups, and a whole host of other community and civic organizations. I have also chaired several committees in church, college, and other community organizations in my adult life. So community leadership was not new to me by any means. I was a die-hard grassroots learner and worker. Our vice president was a member of the organization for over twenty years. Ethel has served the chapter in numerous leadership capacities. When I was elected as the president, Sam Brenner, one of our board members, asked me about Agnes Crabtree. I did not know who she was. Ethel provided me with information about Agnes Crabtree. Ms. Crabtree was the founder of the Greater Miami Chapter of the United Nations Association, which was founded over thirty years ago. I was delighted to be provided with historical information on the chapter. I wish I knew more about the organization but figured the gaps will be filled in as I go along. I was eager and willing to learn more about the 

Excerpt 2 (Page 8) 
My spirited enthusiasm in undertaking the leadership of the local Chapter was because I believed in what the organization represented. I also welcomed the opportunity to increase my volunteer activities by taking up leadership in the Chapter. It was also a change of pace as I was in the process of a divorce. It was a great opportunity for my children and myself to escape the divorce drama and drudgery. So, we wholeheartedly embraced the work that we were doing for our chapter. I performed administrative roles in the planning, development, and the execution of activities. Soon after I was elected president I realized that my team mates had the profile of the same people who wherever one goes across the globe, are the same people who willingly show up to do volunteer work. They were truly dedicated and committed to community work, and in helping to make the world a better place. 

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